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We are a Non Profit organization serving the needy ones in the community. We are sustained in our services and supports with the same courage and pace and with the constantly increasing success rate today due to the outstanding work and efforts extended from our members.

Majority of our members once upon a time, were the needy ones desperately looking for the career break or a change for the better prospects. They came across the network of our GujjuChaps Global E-Community and found the way out from their frizzed and exploited career. The mutual understanding among the members is the biggest asset we have behind this massive success.

The members, who truly believe our services and supports had played a key role behind their professional achievements, are the genuine volunteers supporting our services and keeping up our success rate to lift up our community high in the industry today.

Our members are the backbone for all our financial, technical, functional and administrative charity services.

The volunteers have given a new dimension to this Nobel mission and due to their deep involvement; the services have been initiated in many other big and developed cities in India such as Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai etc after a remarkable success in Bangalore.

We have volunteers in each possible area and domain, which is needed to maintain and run these services.

Invaluable motivations and inspirations from the active volunteers have changed the life of thousands of people in this field and business.

The volunteers have been extending voluntary services upon their own expertise and interest in the field such as following,
- Providing Technical/Functional mentoring support through the regular classes/sessions and up gradation camps to our IT professionals need to brush up their skills or need to be technically stronger by learning new things which can boost their market value.
- Providing accommodation, food, and transportation for the people coming for Job-hunting from small towns and villages to big cities such as Bangalore, Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai etc.
- Providing essential professional services such as Resume Building, Resume Zapping etc to our technical guys hunting for the job so that they can secure the sound career in an optimum time. These services are being extended to our community for free and charity.
- Providing the Promotional and Motivation camps and seminars to different places in Gujarat to inspire our professionals to come out and try for better prospects out side rather sticking to their hometowns and keep destroying their career.
- Providing camps and sessions to prepare our guys hunting for the job to face the interview process of multinational industry more efficiently.
- Providing financial support to maintain these services as and when required.

Our volunteers are based in live multinational environment with globally recognized organizations such as Sun, MicroSoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, Wipro, InfoSys, Satyam, TCS, PCS, Nortel, Sasken, Cognizant, Manhattan, Delphi, Symphony, Lucent, M-Phasis, Cisco, i-Gate, Khshema, Digital, Thomsan etc, moreover hardly there would be any big organization in the industry where we don’t have any volunteer.

The active volunteers have initiated the same operations and supports in US to give a stand to our community in the international market and to help our professionals who are already in the market out there and getting exploited by their companies and consulting firms.

We welcome the volunteers in each technical, functional, administrative, human resource area in major cities in India.

Interested individuals can contact us at
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