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We have been providing quality services and supports to our members who are seeking a healthy career in the field of computers and Information Technology.

We have been helping people who are not having the reach to the real and live market and industry as they are belong to small towns and villages where the IT prospects and infrastructure are pretty poor. We have been bringing awareness in them for the real market out there in the world and get them ready to try their luck for their right career path. Also we have been providing them support to migrate to developed places for the better prospects and provide them nos. of personal and professionals services as charity.

Being a Non Profit organization serving the needy ones in the community, we have been constantly extending following invaluable services at major cities in INDIA which are having ample prospects for IT professionals.

The Basic Services
We have been providing these basic needs to our members who are leaving their home towns and villages for the better career prospects. We have been providing these services in Bangalore and some other major cities in India. And we do not charge anything to the members who avails these facilities. But we maintain our own pool and gives chance to everyone on first cum first serve basis.

The Professional Services
Awareness Camps/Seminars:
Our volunteers who are technically sound and having pleasing communication skills, schedules awareness camps and seminars frequently for our Fresh and Experienced IT professionals back in Gujarat who getting wasted and destroying their career due to the poor infrastructure and limited IT opportunities there. Through these camps and seminars they motivate people to put their efforts to get a break in multinational companies in developed cities. These activities generate tremendous confidence in them, which leads them to the unbelievable position and career in their lives and makes them a part of a real Multinational network.

Technical/Functional Mentoring:
Our technically genius volunteers who are already securing a top positions and career in the profession, extends their services to the needy ones to get them technically prepared and polished so that they can face the challenge in the industry today and get through the technical interview process to grab an opportunity in least possible time. The technical volunteers use to conduct the effective technical and functional classes to up grade our IT professionals hunting for the job. They also extend the personal attention to the job hunters to discuss their technical profile and the way to make it more presentable and impressive.

Interview Preparation Camps:
Our deserved volunteers provide Interview preparation Camps to the job hunters so that they can get through the long and challenging interview process without any hassles. The interview preparation camps cover personality development, technical and attitude related tips which are very important to know for any individual facing interview process.

Job Posting and Circulation:
We use to circulate the latest market news, efficiently new jobs and requirements, among our members through our “GujjuChaps-YahooGroup”. All our members use to post the job and openings related mails and advertisements to this group and thus it circulates across the all members, which is a strong teamwork and the mutually beneficial activity.
We have got around 10,000 members (Including public, private and bouncing members) which are young, energetic and deserved IT professionals. You can subscribe to our GujjuChaps yahoo group through

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Professional Counseling:
Due to the large network of caliber IT Professionals, we have close professional contacts in the industry. We use to recommend our IT Professionals to those companies and consulting firms for their special consideration to our professionals. Our volunteers who build and maintain relations in the professional market to help our community are managing these activities.

Resume/Profile Building:
We provide this service to make our member’s resumes effective and professional by our volunteers who are good at technical writing, so that they can bring the attention of companies and recruiters. Our volunteers in this area work closely with the candidates and understand their profile, experience, skills and projects and based on that prepare the solid and focused profile to be floated in to the industry. With this professional service our professionals stands special in the huge crowd of other applicants.

Resume/Profile Zapping:
We maintain the database of live companies and consulting firms across the Country. We provide this service to float the profiles and resumes of our professionals hunting for the job to all live contacts in our database. This service extends fast response to the job hunters as their profile, after getting prepared by our technical volunteers, is circulated across the industry overnight. This service is very useful to get the job inquiries and interview calls for the candidates.

We welcome the volunteers in each technical, functional, administrative, human resource area interested in extending any of these services in any major cities in India for needy ones in our network and community,

Whoever is interested can contact us at:

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