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We, the “GujjuChaps Global E-Community” are the non-profit organization serving the deserved professionals of our community to secure the right career in their life.
Our core foundation is the zeal and strong determination to help each other. We have been standing and surviving on the mutual trust and understanding among our qualified members.

We started our operations in Bangalore, 3 years back in Aug, 2001. And after our unusual success at our first hub in Bangalore, we have initiated and potentially given a pace to our services in Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi etc.

We have nos. of core members who are settled in the career with reputed position in multinational organizations in Bangalore since last long time. They took an initiative to start this challenging movement that could bring a remarkable identity and recognition for our community in the field of Computers and Information Technology across the globe.

We have over 10000 members associated with us and our strength is kept on increasing day by day. The members help needy ones in the community and secure the faith and respect for our organization through these invaluable activities. The members who avails our services and supports to get settled in their professional career, joins our operations and work as volunteers to lift up other young and talented professionals in the community who have no directions and awareness to proceed their careers.

We are huge network of such professionals, which has the same roots, thoughts and goals everywhere in everyone associated in this network chain.

The un-professionalism and uncertainty of this industry challenged us,
The helplessness and unawareness of the professionals innovated us.
The commitment and attitude of our social services survived us.

Our members technically and financially support our services and they don’t have any personal gains or intensions against their contribution. Moreover, many of our members are top level professionals doesn’t require these supports anytime in the future.

Though we have lots of the members and devotees from Gujarati community, we have the same stand and consideration for other community members as we do believe in serving the human kind. It is just the coincidence that this Noble mission got materialized from our community as “GujjuChaps”. We have tones of other community members and It’s been pleasure serving them regardless of any personal or religious bias.

Our core members, volunteers and all other members belong to the world recognized multinational organizations in INDIA and US and securing immense potential and deep desire to do something for the welfare of the community.
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