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We, the “GujjuChaps Global E-Community” is a Non Profit organization been in the Social Services for about last 3 years and we are the hub of highly efficient and determined technical youth committed and devoted to help the needy ones to lift up the community beyond the sky in the high-tech and competitive industry today.

This Noble mission took the real form back in Aug, 2001 in Bangalore, India.
We have the morally solid base of the proud members and devotees giving up their best in all required areas to extend our community an outstanding position and status in the field and business of the Computers and Information Technology.

We provide the inspiration and motivation to the community youth to be competitive and complete to stand in the industry and to secure a solid and reputed position in their profession.

To accomplish our mission, we have been conducting effective seminars and awareness camps frequently at various places in Gujarat to get our IT professionals a knowledge and motivation to keep their technical and functional qualities up to date to survive in the industry.

These seminars from the well settled, reputed and high positioned experts in the industry, the un-experienced and experienced IT youth use to get immense power and inspirations which leads them to the success in their lives and professional careers.

These seminars and awareness camps provide the unusual potential to the people who have no reach to the live market and industry and who are not aware of what is the real value of the technical qualities in the industry. And this potential lifts up and extends them an unbelievable success.

These activities are most essential to make our innocent IT professionals aware of their own qualities, values and importance in the industry so that their confidence boosts up and they can chase the big milestones rather sticking back to their small and undeveloped home towns and villages and destroy their careers and keep getting exploited through their local companies or consulting firms.

Through these activities and services we bring them a great courage to move ahead and try luck in the live multinational market in Top leading cities that are highly developed and having a sound infrastructure. Some of these live cities in India are Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai besides Bangalore that are having ample amount of career opportunities and future prospects.

Tones of people have got the right direction and path in their professional career and have got settled in world known multinational companies after they have got into the network of our services. Thousands of our members have been settled in the big cities in India, US and some other countries across the globe.

We use to pull the people back from Gujarat to these cream cities for the Job Hunting, and offer them the free accommodation, food, transportation related basic needs so that they can concentrate just on their job hunting, interview processes, technical up gradation and other necessary professional activities. Apart from these, we also extends the professional services such as Resume Building to represent our professionals more impressively in this competitive industry, Resume Zapping to float our guys resumes across thousands of companies and consulting firms, Technical-functional-moral sessions to prepare our guys to face the industry and prove their abilities and qualities to the best extent, Interview preparation camps etc as charity.

These services are being rendered by the top caliber experts of community who already got have a special recognition in the industry with a reputed position.

We also support the fresher in securing their academics projects and to get the break in the industry once they graduate.

We are also blessed with a huge network of professional companies and placement consulting firms in the industry helping us in absorbing our right candidates coming for the job hunting.

We have been supported and maintained by the community professionals who are the valuable members. And also the role of the management panel having the determine social workers having a genuine attitude to work for the community is significant and outstanding.

We have reached a mind-blowing success and accomplished a great milestone in a short span of time, which has earned a good reputation and faith from the community youths. The time we started the services, Bangalore was our hub and we used to pull our deserved professionals to there due to our massive voluntary service network there, but now the same operations, services and supports have been launched in Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai etc at the same pace.

We are perhaps the first Non Profit Organization in this field providing constant services and supports for the welfare of the community.  

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